5 Cool Gifts For Mother's Day

Mother's Day Top 5 Gifts
"My Mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it" Mark Twain

Mother's Day in the UK is on the 30th of March this year, are you prepared? Are you tired of giving the same old presents to your Mum every year? Well I bet she's a bit sick of petrol station chrysanthemums and the daggy nighties from M & S but way too sweet to say anything..  Check these little giftlets out and hopefully they might inspire you a wee bit.

I'll have 5000 yuan on the West Wind !

1. Mahjong Set
I have always been fascinated by Mahjong. Full of west winds, red dragons, kongs, pungs and chows it seemed full of magic to me and you can play for money!
Mahjong is a Chinese game of skill, strategy, and calculation. Researchers have recently developed a form of healing using Mahjong, as they believe that playing the game is beneficial for individuals suffering from dementia, cognitive and memory difficulties but that's probably better kept to yourself....
Buy beautiful vintage ones on Ebay for between £10 and £40 or new one from game suppliers such as fruugo  for around £60.
Antique Mahjong Set on Ebay

2. Home Brewing Kit
There has been a boom in microbreweries in the last few years, nearly 200 started brewing last year and over 1500 are now operating in the UK. Although female brewers are at the forefront, it's not a new thing, even Jane Austen was happily ensconced making a few brewskis in between writing novels back in the 1800's. I wrote about my Dad's home brewing here in 2012, he's been doing it for over 50 years and he'll chew your ear off with his money saving stats and hops to barley ratios but as well as saving you money, brewing your own is fun and I'm sure a lot of Mums would love to give it a go.  Check out CAMRA for brewing information and Muntons for kits, although there are loads of different great sites around. Basic kits start from £55.

She Bangs!

3. African Drum Lessons

How epic would this be?? Unleash your beats in an African drum circle! Courses are quite readily available worldwide, you can even do them via Skype. Great fun, uplifting and affordable.Gift vouchers are available in £10 increments from the  London African Drumming in the City of London.

Tim Ferris as Curator

4. Quarterly Co.
Quarterly Co is a subscription service for wonderful things. You can subscribe to a curator such as Tim Ferris, Bill Nye, The Cool Hunter, Jordin Sparks and others, to receive a box of items selected from that curator. A sample of one contained amongst other things, a microscope, Mexican jumping beans, magic tricks and a piece of wood that sells for $25,000 a pound - oudh.

 It's a drop-dead smell, very complex, honey, fresh tobacco, spices, amber, cream. ... Incredibly strong, first of all. It knocks you over, clubs you like a falling stone. But its vast dimension is what astonishes: a huge smell, spatially immense, and incredibly complex, a buttery layer as deep as a quarry…
Oudh grows inside a particular species of evergreen tree in south Asia. When the fungus attacks the tree, its wood becomes dark and resinous. Oudh is arguably the most-highly prized ingredient for perfume makers and a pound can cost as much as $25,000 (making it over six time more costly than high-grade medical cannabis).
What mother wouldn't want some of that?!

5. Fungi To Be With.
Fungi to Be With, is dedicated to "connecting the Greater London public to the natural environment through the magical world of fungi". They provide educational walks and workshops about all things mushroomy, or to put it correctly, all things Mycological. A great combo of being social and learning something about the world of foraging. Gift vouchers are priced at £25 for a foray .

If none of the above float your boat, as a mother myself, the presents don't matter but my kids being present really does.
Oh and I wouldn't mind somebody cooking me dinner, craving a bit of sunshine, this looks nice doesn't it? .

Love your Mum, Love Food X