Scotland / The Search For My True North.....


The Kennedy's are one of the great Lowland families of Scotland, their heartland
being the southern portion of Ayrshire, called Carrick back in the day.
From what I've read and tales told by my Uncle Roy Kennedy, the family historian, a bloodthirsty and unruly lot,often drunk, often laughing, often mixing it up with Robert the Bruce and giving Joan of Arc's army a bit of a hand in that famous ruckette.
Nowadays, Ayrshire and the Kennedy's are a little more tranquil. I visit frequently and it's the only place I truly unwind and breath easily. And eat very very well.
I'm very lucky to have some wonderful friends living on a farm just outside of Ayr, in the heart of Robbie Burns country. They take me in, feed me amazing local food and generally spoil me rotten. They're food producers themselves, incredibly dedicated to the craft of best food production, natural sustainability and I will write about what they are doing in more detail soon.
Today I would just love to share a few of my favourite places in Ayreshire, Scotland with you.


Hopefully you'll get a chance to visit them yourself but thankfully a couple of these places do deliver.
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Best Ever Fish and Chips from MacCullums of Troon

I must start with one of my favourite restaurants in  Ayr, well the whole wide world really, you know how difficult that is to say, especially if you've put yourself about food-wise, but on balance it has to be MacCallums of Troon. Classic shack at the end of a working peer with food you just have to keep coming back for. They are famous for their oysters, served naturally with just a little chopped shallot and champagne vinegar, tabasco on the side, brown bread and butter.

Scottish Oysters Naturally

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Cullen Skink
They serve the best soup from these parts, Cullen Skink  and the no-brainer secret to this place is keeping things fresh and simple made with care and love. They also sell Krug by the glass..random act of loveliness.... oh and Pedro X by the glass too!

First time I tasted haggis, I was not impressed, liverish porridge, what's that about? Then I was introduced to the haggis from Dalduff Farm a totally different creature. Delicate gaminess, peppery tongue feel, satisfying umami, you really must try if you get the chance. Of course that's not all they do, dedicated meat-eors, their motto is simple, it has to taste good and they source the best meat possible.

Wine Vaults
Ah, what to drink with all these goodies? Well I don't think you could go wrong with taking a wee look and a bit of advice from Whighams of Ayr , I spent a lovely morning in this dungeon of wine pleasure last year. Set up by a group of prominent Ayrshire merchants and landowners in 1766, Whighams traditionally supplied fine wines and spirits to many of the great houses and estates in southern Scotland.

But the best part about this place, apart from the role call of magnificent classic wines kept bound in the bonded cages, is the fabulous cable car/bottle system they have running from the sea to the cellar, pirate like.

Check out Ayr, check out Scotland, a wee haven for the heavenly.

Love Food x