The Rhythm Method

I've been doing a little wine tasting this week in preparation for a pop - up thingy I'm doing later this year with my mate, chef Tim Futter.
We're scouting venues and planning menus and trying to sort out some wine choices.
Now Tim and I have worked together many times and have no problem agreeing that we will use British, seasonal and where possible, organic ingredients for our feast.

Our one problem, well it's my problem really, is that he is a red wine guy and I'm a white wine gal.

As much as I love the taste of red wine it inevitably gives me a headache, while I'm drinking it as well as the morning after.
So I thought I'd try some biodynamic / natural wines to see whether it made a difference to my head.
Biodynamic farming is basically an holistic approach to producing food and rearing animals in a way that is healthy for the farm and those consuming the end product. Sustainability, no artificial pesticides, uses natural fertilisers, compatible planting , sympathetic crop rotation and perhaps the most controversial, uses phases of the moon to plant and harvest.
I love a little side-order of myth and magic with my main course.

I tried six wines and got along very well with a French 2009 Domaine Cristia Grenache from Naked Wines and a 2008 Novas Camenere/Cabernet Emailiana from Chile. Both were well balanced and somehow fruitier and aromatic than the others. No headache.
I am looking forward to Wine Week at Borough Market next month to try some more, might drag Tim along with me.

Great tip from the magic chef Thomas Keller is to boil off the alcohol in the wine you use for marinating so it doesn't "cook" the meat.
Love Food X
PS. If you'd like to know when our pop-up thingy is happening feel free to email me at or DM me on twitter X



  1. love the tip about "boiling" off the alcohol!

    ta luv!

  2. @radioshirley,ooh just saw this shirl! really makes a big difference,wine gets into the meat all the way through!


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