The Kids Are All Right

Long Easter holiday, what to do? Get them in the kitchen .

Fruity eggy bread for breakfast, fruit loaf sliced thickly, 2 eggs beaten, 4 tablespoons of milk, split vanilla pod, dip, pan fry in unsalted butter. Poach some raspberries in lemonade for 5 minutes then serve.

Make marshmallows, dip in toasted coconut , chocolate and spacedust.

Start a gingerbeer plant.Try this one.

Stalk butterflies and pretend you work for CSI New York.

Smoothie - banana, apple, ginger, spinach, really!

Make sherbet and sprinkle it on everything.

Start gardening, use your imagination Plant something, anything!

Try no screens for 2 whole days, talk to the neighbours while humming the Sponge Bob theme tune, make a map of your world in 4D, write 10 words about spaghetti on a prawn cracker, paint a picture of the inside of the television. Clean up everything afterwards please.Happy Easter, buddies.

Love Food X