Food For Lovers

Food for Lovers ( 1 )
( Part 1, because there is always a sequel in matters of the heart and I can post another gratuitous picture of a shirtless Alain Delon with some bird.... )

Spring has sprung here and I can smell the za za zu upon the light evening breeze. To prepare food for someone you love or even just lust after is a joy foreverish.
The perceived wisdom when choosing food for a night of seduction is to keep it light and include as many aphrodisiacs as possible. Light is good but most foods that are considered to have libido enhancing qualities don't usually do the job in the time available. So I just stick to making something delicious with quality ingredients, good wine and light lots of candles.
Beef may not sound very light but buy just one gorgeous well hung, grass fed rib about 10cm thick to share.

1 rib of beef 10cm thick (approx 1kg)
1 medium onion very finely diced
1 cup of parsley very finely diced
1 can of smoked oysters (approx 80 grams) finely diced
salt and pepper
couple of toothpicks to secure

Make a pocket in the side of the beef. Mix the stuffing ingredients together and add a little salt and lots of pepper. Fill pocket with stuffing and secure opening with toothpicks.
Now I like my beef really quite rare but the stuffing should be nice and warm so I sear it in a very hot pan on both sides, season with salt and pepper and finish off in a hot oven for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then leave to rest for at least another 15 minutes. Give it about 20 minutes in the oven for medium and allow to rest.
I serve this on a big plate, and cut slices off at the table.Green salad and a bottle of red to go with it. Feed yourself or each other.

The smoked oysters  add a great flavour to the beef, big umami but if you really can't stand the thought of them or you're allergic, try using a handful of finely diced porcini mushrooms instead.Dried ones, reconstituted, perfect.
I'm a little over chocolate at the moment so I would choose some slices of juicy fruit maybe finished off with a dusting of basil sugar or this cheating ice cream parfait.
1 litre of vanilla ice cream, make your own if you fancy
500 mls passionfruit juice, boil and reduced to 250mls
2 tablespoons of dry sherry or coconut liquer

Freeze the reduced juice until slushy, allow the vanilla ice cream to soften a bit and mix through the booze and the icy juice and re-freeze until ready to serve.

Love Food X


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