Succour Punch

One of my most steadfast soulmates called and asked me to join him at Heston Blumental's "Dinner" at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

"No thank-you."

It's been an incredibly crappy month for me, not that he knew, so he saw my refusal to attend as a foodie cri de coeur.

Three hours later he was buzzing my door laden with hemp sacks of goodies.

Succour Punch

1 part Metaxa 12 star brandy
2 parts freshly squeezed orange juice
Top up with dry ginger ale
Shed loads of chipped ice

He also brought the ingredients for my death row meal - french trimmed lamb chops, Jersey Royal potatoes, frozen petit pois, dill and Normandy butter.

Second sack contained, Valhrona Manjari chocolate bars. Cadbury Fruit and nut, marshmallows, cheese straws, Pedro Ximenez vintage sherry, Twisties, Brewhaha rose tea and an economy size vial of Rescue Remedy.
I love the care in my community.

Love food x


  1. What a great friend. I am cheered up (from my crappy first meeting of the day) just reading about all the lovely goodies he brought you!

  2. @spiceandmore So glad it cheered you up!
    And we all need friends like that, was so nice to be spoiled so wonderfully.Hope the meetings get better!


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