March Bites

Taste number 5 has been around for a year or so but I only got to have a play with it this week.Seeking to add that almost unidentifiable savoury flavour to your cooking,this paste almost did it for me.
Ingredients include,tomato puree,garlic,anchovy,black olives,balsamic vinegar,porcini and the super-umami,parmesan cheese.
It's suggested for use in all manner of dishes,soups,stews etc.I put a splodge on a little crostini as recommended and found it way too garlicky and fishy.It did work well enhancing some less than tasty button mushrooms with cream and parsley on sourdough.It found its place with me in the roux for a cheese souffle,good flavour booster.

Discovered these just before Christmas and love love love them!! Silicone chopsticks,black ones from Muji my favourite,gorgeous,practical and can take up to 300 degrees C of heat! Great for testing cakes,poking around the wok,easy to clean and you can eat your noodles with them.

Limes were 10 for a pound at the market this week so have been pretending it's really spring and have been whipping up batches of Hendrick's gin and tonic with tons of sliced limes,delicious.And instead of giving Easter eggs this year,everyone's getting lime curd and chopsticks.
Love food X


  1. "And instead of giving Easter eggs this year,everyone's getting lime curd and chopsticks" and just a little tipsy? ;=)

    The Taste5 paste sounds interesting. I wonder if I could source it here in Oz? But I must say, I've been running for the good old HP sauce lately when I want to add a zing to a stew or ... omelette even. Its been HP in almost everything! So useful! X


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