I have been working with, selling and cooking food for over 15 years and now feels like
the perfect time to finally start writing about it.
Like any relationship it has it's good days and bad.
On my worse days,I have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the
kitchen just to make toast for the kids.
On my best days,you can't get me out of there. All I want to do is love people
up with every morsel  my kitchen produces.

I'm going to write about good food,where to source it,ideas for preparation,
who's making fab food and bitching about who isn't.
Cook book and restaurant reviews,suppliers and producers I admire,
discovering new ingredients,how to make it cheap yet good for we financially challenged
and how to roll out the foodie red carpet when you need to impress.

I'm looking forward to you joining me on this adventure!