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Seasonal Change

Apologies for sporadic posts, I have been busy with a couple of new projects. A book on my favourite condiment of all time - Ketchup; an E-book guide to etiquette and manners, and the other is a gluten-free snack bar I hope to launch before the end of the year. I do love a challenge and if all or none of them work out, I'm really enjoying the process.

The book on manners has been brewing for quite a few years now, the catalyst being a recent disastrous business meeting. Six ( youngish ) grown-ups conducting  a tech start-up marketing meeting with no idea how to make each other comfortable, awkward handshakes, mumbled introductions, it made this old fart cringe watching. A basic idea of etiquette, even in tech-type "new" industries,would have made such a difference to the atmosphere and the outcome of the meeting. 
Having worked in the hospitality industry for a long time, good, no GREAT manners are the key to any successful service based business. Great food is often spoil…